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Useful Links for Exporters

The PPMA Export Group discussed the barriers/obstacles faced by exporters and requested a “Tool Kit” with useful information to help.
This page will be updated when further websites are found to be applicable.

A wide range of support services exist to help UK exporters and would- be exporters:

Department for International Trade

British Chambers of Commerce

UK Export Finance

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The Institute of Export

HM Revenue & Customs

Intellectual Property Office


Export Control Organisation

British International Freight Association

The Law Society

The Notaries Society

China-Britain Business Council

UK India Business Council (Doing Business in India)

Open to Export

a community driven service for small and medium sized businesses, looking for support in exporting from the UK. The service is delivered by hibu (UK), in partnership with DIT


Useful Link

Channels to Market

Market Size


General Market Intelligence

Mentor Company

Case Study References

Exhibitions & Trade Journals


Department for International Trade - Preparing to export

Export for Growth

International Trade Advisors

Trade Fairs & Exhibitions - Trade Show Access Programme (TAP)

Finance & Support for your Business

Business Opportunity Alerts

Aid Funded Business

FCO Political and Economic Updates

Overseas Business Risk

PPMA Overseas Shows Diary

Finding Agent

Profiling an Agent

Standard Agency Agreements

PPMA Trade Exchange - a service for suppliers of machinery

British Exporters Association

Visas / Language / Travel
Accommodation / Culture / Safety

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Getting Paid /Terms of Payment

Exchange Rates

Price Sensitivity

Initial Investment

The World Bank

British Exporters Association

UK Government official export credit insurer offering support for buyer and supplier credit facilities

In-Country Help Desks
Government Support Funding
OMIS Reports
Trade Missions


Department for International Trade Worldwide

Regional Centre


Industrial Zones


Local Regulations

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

DIT International Trade Advisors

Trade Barriers

Ease of Access

Political Stability

Country Activity

HM Revenue & Customs

British Chambers of Commerce

British Chambers of Commerce RBS Guide to InternationalTtrade

Import/Export License

Legal Compliance


Export Guarantees

UK Export Finance - UK Government Finance advice

Certificate of Origin (Contact your local British Chamber of Commerce)

Government services and information

Letters of Credit for Importers and Exporters

Key Export Control Documents

Shipping Costs

Shipping Guarantees

British International Freight Association

GBH Freight Forwarding

Open To Export