The PPMA is a members' owned organisation. Each member owns the same amount of shares in the organisation irrespective of their size or annual expenditure with the association. Each member company can put forward an employee to be a director of the PPMA.

The Board of Directors meets approximately every quarter to work with the executive to develop products and services that benefit the members. Each PPMA director has a functional role for which they are responsible. PPMA directors are not paid and give their time voluntarily in the service of the association.


Director PPMA Ltd - Tim Paul, Domino UK

PPMA Ltd - Mark Williamson, Stemmer Imaging Ltd

Tim Paul
Domino UK

Mark Williamson
Stemmer Imaging

Elected to the Board of PPMA in 2007. Tim is the Global OEM Development Director for Domino UK.

Mark joined the board in 2010 when the UKIVA (UK Industrial Vision Association) joined the PPMA Trade Association Group. Mark is a director at Stemmer Imaging a leading supplier of computer vision components and systems.

Chairman PPMA Ltd  - Alan Yates, Endoline Limited

Director PPMA Ltd - ?? ??, Company Name

Peter Williamson
RARUK Automation Limited

Richard Little
Jenton International

Peter joined the board of PPMA in 2017.

Richard became a director in 2007 and is a long standing director of Jenton International. A manufacturer a distributor of equipment to the packaging, printing and converting industry.

Director PPMA Ltd - David Charlesworth, Atwell Self Adhesive Labellers

Director PPMA Ltd - Tim Paul, Markem Systems

David Charlesworth
Atwell Self Adhesive Labellers

Grant Jamieson
Winkworth Group

David joined the PPMA board in 2014. Atwell self adhesive labellers supply semi-automatic & fully automatic labelling systems as well as contract labelling.

Grant became a Board member in November 2010 and is  managing director of Winkworth Group a UK manufacturer and worldwide exporter of mixing equipment across all industry sectors.

Director PPMA Ltd - Brian Tyndall, Enercon Industries

Director PPMA Ltd - Simon Ruffley, Ishida

David Barber
Mettler Safeline Ltd

Simon Ruffley
Ishida Europe

David joined the PPMA board in 2017.

Simon joined the PPMA board in 2014. Ishida Europe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ishida Co. Ltd and has its headquarters in Birmingham, UK. The company possesses expertise and industry experience in developing advanced automated systems for the weighing, packing, quality control and end-of-line handling of food products throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Director PPMA Ltd - James Causebrook, Grunwald UK

James Causebrook
Grunwald UK & Langguth UK

James joined the PPMA board in December 2018. He is the Managing Director of Grunwald UK, producer of Cup Filling and Sealing Machinery and Langguth UK, pioneers in Labelling Machinery.

Director PPMA Ltd - Mike Wilson, ABB Robotics

Director PPMA Ltd - Allan Anderson, Clearview Imaging Ltd

Mike Wilson
ABB Robotics

Allan Anderson
Clearview Imaging Ltd

Mike joined the board in 2009 when BARA (British Automation & Robot Association) joined the PPMA Group. Mike is General Industry Sales and Marketing Manager at ABB Robotics UK & Ireland a leading global supplier of industrial robotic solutions.

Allan joined the board of PPMA in 2019.