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Divisional Manager: David Hughes
Robotics - Local Business Manager: Nigel Platt
Drives and Controls Sales Manager: Steve Hughes
Manager, Motors & Generators: David Hawley


* Robotics: * Industrial and collaborative robots with a range of dedicated hardware and software technologies for various applications * Robot - based modular manufacturing systems.
* Drives and Controls: * ABB industry-specific drives 0.37 kW to 500 kW * ABB micro drives 0.18 kW to 4 kW * ABB machinery drives 0.37 kW to 560 kW - High functionality and performance * ABB general purpose drives 0.55 kW to 355 kW * ABB industrial drives 0.55 kW to 5,600kW - Can be customised to meet the needs of industrial applications * ABB motion control products 0.75kW to 60 kW - Servo drives, high performance drives, motion controllers, PLCs, servo and linear motors * ABB DC drives from 20 A to 5200 A
SynRM motor-drive package from 1.1kW to 315kW
ABB MV Drives from 315kW to 72MW
* Motors and Generators: * Process performance motors 0.18 kW to 1,000 kW, frames 63 to 450 * General performance motors 0.06 kW to 250kW, frames 56 to 355 * Hazardous area motors 0.09kW to 800 kW, frames 71 to 450 * AC induction servo motors 2 kW to 270 kW * Geared motors and associated power transmission products
* Power electronics: * Power quality and security for plant and machinery * Voltage conditioner, energy storage, frequent changer, reactive power compensation * Low and medium voltage applications from 100KVA to 30MVA
INDUSTRIES * 3C (Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronics) * Automotive * Food & beverage * Foundry & forging * Medical Device * Metal fabrication * Pharmaceutical & personal care * Plastics * Aerospace * Wood *
APPLICATIONS * Packing, picking, palletising * Conveyors, pumps, mixers, centrifuges and fans
EXPERTISE ABB has experts with knowledge of most of today's hot topics and legislation, regulation and directives. Examples of focused knowledge campaigns include: Robotics - Ten ways to optimise your process 1. Drastically reduced operating costs 2. Consistently high product quality 3. Enhanced employee satisfaction 4. Increased production output rates 5. Increased product manufacturing flexibility 6. Enhanced competitiveness through greater efficiency 7. Improved workplace health and safety 8. Reduce the difficulty of recruiting skilled staff 9. Reduce capital costs (inventory, work in progress) 10.Space savings in high value manufacturing areas Drives - 6 step energy saving plan 1. The Facts - discover the real issues behind energy saving 2. The Savings - learn how an energy appraisal helps save money 3. The Finance - see what payback times are possible 4. The Products - choose from a wide range of energy saving equipment 5. The Proof - real life case studies 6. The Action - top tips for improving your carbon footprint
SERVICES ABB supports your machinery throughout its lifecycle. And with a presence in over 100 countries, ABB provides the most comprehensive after-sales support in the world.


The Robotics and Motion division provides products, solutions and related services that increase industrial productivity and energy efficiency. The division's motors, generators, drives, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), functional safety and robotics provide power, motion and control for a wide range of automation applications. Products from this division integrate seamlessly. ABB products are proven to reduce operating costs, improve product quality and consistency in various industries. With increases in hygiene, up-time, change-overs and total through-put with fewer accidents on the shop floor, ABB automation could really be the key for manufacturers to unlock new levels of competitiveness and productivity.