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After Sales Manager: Andrew Barker
General Manager: David Walkinshaw
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Finance Manager: Sally Flere


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Dimac, Italy: Manufacture modular single reel shrink wrapping systems and wraparound case packing machines. Modular construction enables the development of 'customised' projects providing solutions for many varied shrink film packaging applications.
Models include the St@r range operating at speeds from 15 to 60 packs per minute and run either unsupported or supported packs using flat board or trays.
Newly designated, the Blue St@r, Green St@r and Gold St@r tray loading and shrink wrapping machines with output speeds of up to 35, 50 and 60 packs per minute and more importantly
now provide the most comprehensive choice of packaging solutions for any application. For shrink wrapping speeds in excess of 60 cycles per minute DIMAC offer the Galaxy range.
Due to the design of the infeed system a wide range of containers can be handled without the need for expensive change parts which on some systems have to be individually tailored.
This makes the St@r range especially attractive to co-packers and the water and drinks industries; both of which tend to run extensive ranges of product. Stainless steel variants are available for corrosive applications.
The innovative "Laser" sealing bar system, a further development, gives top performance while meeting the industries demands for low to medium speed machines within a small footprint.
Four wraparound case packers running at 15 to 55 cases per minute are available;
the latest Planet machines use the continuous movement design which presents the finished box narrow face leading resulting in a much more stable passage throughout the wrapping process allowing faster speeds to be safely achieved.
ROBOPAC SISTEMI, Italy: Manufacture a full range of fully automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines including rotating turntable pallet wrappers, rotating arm pallet wrappers and rotating ring pallet wrappers.
Models include Genesis, Helix, Rotoplat and the new Futura 40 ring wrapper. Recently released are the Futura 80, Genesis HS 50/2 double head ring wrapper and Helix HS40/2 double head arm wrapper.
These very high speed machines should be considered real jewels in terms of technology and reliability. The Futura 80 is especially innovative as it uses fixed servo drives to control both the pre-stretch ratio & the wrapping tension,
this allows very light crushable loads such as tissues to be wrapped effectively without the need for additional corner protection.
The Genesis HS 50/2 now incorporates another industry leading technology, a completely mechanical pre-stretch film delivery system. Overall, Robopac Sistemi offers the widest range of operating speeds to suite every application.
Roboband horizontal band wrapper for load stabilisation and product labelling and the Robohood pallet stretch hooding systems completes the range.
ROBOPAC SA, San Marino: The world's largest manufacturer of stretch wrapping equipment produces the widest range of technologically advanced pallet stretch wrapping machines, at very competitive prices.
The range of semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines, horizontal spiral wrapping machines, L- Bar sealers, including semi and fully automatic versions and case taping machines,
are well known for their robust construction, ease of operation and serviceability. While most pallet stretch wrapping machines are installed at fixed locations, some 25,000 self-propelled, battery powered ROBOT
systems have been sold worldwide and are becoming more and more popular as people recognise that these are able to wrap pallets in-situ anywhere on site, inside or out, making them indispensible in the warehouse and distribution industries for example.
Research and development investment is continuous and new L-Bar, Case Taping, Turntable and ROBOT pallet stretch wrapping machines have been introduced into the range.
PRASMATIC: Shrink wrapping machinery for the food & Dairy industry.


With 110,000 machine installations, AETNAGROUP and AETNAGROUP UK provide a very comprehensive package of high quality end of line packaging machinery and systems manufactured by Group companies which include DIMAC single reel shrink wrapping systems and wraparound case packers; ROBOPAC SISTEMI, recognised worldwide as a reference point for in-line fully automatic turntable, rotating arm and ring pallet stretch wrapping systems, horizontal spiral stretch wrap systems and the Roboband pallet stretch banding system.

ROBPAC SA, manufacturers of the largest range of semi automatic turntable pallet stretch wrappers, battery powered self guiding pallet stretch wrappers, horizontal spiral stretch wrappers, strapping and L-Bar systems you will find anywhere.

The sales, after sales and service provision offered, is backed by many years of relevant "hands on" experience by locally based, fully trained personnel.

The established reputation of the AETNAGROUP brand continues to grow with the acquisition of PRASMATIC and we are justifiably proud of our achievements and the special relationships we have with our existing customers who continue to trust us with their business.