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Managing Director West Europe: Ron Pot
General Manager: Graeme Kelly
Engineering Manager: Mark Jones
UK Regional Sales Manager: Steve Merricks


Hand Strapping Tools: Mechanical, Pneumatic and Battery operated Hand tools for Plastic and Steel strapping systems.
Semi & Fully Automatic Strapping Equipment: Tabletop and Arch machinery suited for the accurate and high speed application of PP strapping to bundles and packages.XP and XF System machinery manufactured for the vertical and horizontal application of PP and PET strapping for palletised and un-palletised loads across all industry sectors.XZE Compression strapping systems (Corrugated/Glass industry).
Semi & Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapping Equipment: Turntable, Rotary Arm and Orbital Ring pallet wrappers fitted with Cyklops patented Echo and Echo-plus pre stretch systems.
Elastic String Binding and Flower Processing Equipment: Standalone units or Modular Proflor custom-made processing systems suited for the Lay-on, cutting, leaf stripping and binding of Flowers/Bouquets.
Gummed Paper Tape Machines and Dispensers: From Manual and Automatic desktop tape dispensing to Automatic case sealing with flap closing device.
Stretch Hooding: stretch hooding machinery working with the capability to have up to 6 different reels of stretch tubular film to suit the customers variable load dimensions and requirements. Subject to package and line speed it has a capacity of up to 260 p/h. The stretch hooder operates without flames or warm air, and it is suitable for many products.The system offers all the qualities from a heat-shrink system: pallet seal, protection from atmospheric agents (water and dust protection) but with the additional savings associated with the cost of energy and optimal application of modern stretch films.The machine is available in four models, according to customers' needs.
Marking and Coding: Plug and print with CM100 and CM300.


The Headquarters of Cyklop International is located in Cologne, Germany. This is also the home of the Logistics Centre and production site for design, engineering and strap production.
Other production sites are operated by Cyklop Spain, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands and Brazil, complemented by a Global sales and service support network.


Cyklop International, established since 1912, offers universal system solutions for key load securement techniques such as strapping, stretch wrapping and taping and is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of load securement systems on the world market today.