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Plastics assembly Systems: * Ultrasonic Welding
* Vibration Welding
* Hot Plate Welding
* Laser Welding
* Hot Air Welding
* Infrared Welding


Branson is the industry leader in the design, development,
manufacture, and marketing of plastics joining, precision cleaning,
ultrasonic processing, and ultrasonic metal welding equipment - the
only company of our caliber worldwide.
We are committed to providing solutions to the needs of our customers,
and providing the latest in technology, both in products and processes.
Our global organization provides us with the resources and the facilities
to support our customers on a worldwide basis.
With more than 1,800 employees and 70 sales and service offices
throughout the world, Bransonís resources are substantial. Technology
and manufacturing facilities are in Connecticut, Michigan, New York,
Mexico, Germany, Slovakia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea.
Our Mission
Branson Ultrasonics is the world leader in materials joining and
precision cleaning.
The employees of Branson Ultrasonics are committed to providing
100% customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in:
* Customer & Supplier Alliances
* Technology & New Product Development
* Marketing & Sales
* Manufacturing
* Product Quality
* Services & Support
Our people are the source of our strength. Education, involvement, and
teamwork are essential for us to achieve superior products and services
that meet or exceed our customersí requirements worldwide. The
quality and integrity of our products and services define Bransonís
Total customer satisfaction will result in increased global market
participation, excellent business performance, and enhanced employee
* Automotive - Welding tail lamps, instrument panels, bumpers,
manifolds, fuel filters, and numerous valves and sensors; cleaning
ABS components, fuel injectors, electronic ignitions, and various
precision parts.
* Consumer products - Welding plastic watches, toys, toothpaste tubes,
video & audio tape cassettes, inkjet cartridges, and computer floppy
disks; cleaning jewelry, dental devices, computer disk drives, and
audio-video equipment.
* Electrical - Welding toggle switches, connectors, terminal blocks,
switches; wire splicing, wire terminations; and cleaning printed circuit
boards, stencils and screens, and other sensitive devices.
* Plus - Myriad welding and cleaning applications in the medical,
packaging, textile, optical, and metal-working industries.