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Inspection equipment FT: Full range of high speed inspection equipment for Food and Beverage production.
Capping equipment, Arol: High speed stand alone capping machines and turrets for integration by OEM's.
Level check FT: Level check for liquids and sauces
High Frequency
Fully automated with rejection options
Cap checking prior to application FT: Cap check prior to application
Check for damage
Check for quality
Check safety ring
Plastic caps
ROPP caps
Metal twist off caps
Crown Corks
Cap checking after filling FT: Cap presence
Cap position
Cap condition
Cap quality
Tamper evident strips
Pilfer proof Strips
Label check FT: Label presence
Label position
Label quality
Label damage
Correct label
Text and content check
QR Code
Date code
3D Vision inspection FT: Shape inspection
Bottle shape inspection
Label quality inspection
Full 3D imaging
Text and OCR reading
QR Code reading
Date code and lot code reading and check
Leak test - Squeezer FT: Pressure leak test
PET bottle leak test
HDPE leak test
Glass leak test
Cap leak test
Leak test - Lazer FT: 100% High speed non contact leak test
No damage to internal valves on sports caps
Lazer inspection of head space
Nitrogen Dose leak test
Carbonation leak test
Pressure leak test
Empty Bottle inspection - EBI Glass check FT: Glass check
Neck ring Check
Base chaeck
Side wall check
Find cracks
Foreign body bodies
Empty Container inspection - Metal tins cans containers FT: X-ray
Vision - Camera inspection
Foreign body bodies
Quality inspection
Rejection FT: High speed rejecters
Bump rejecter
Multi finger rejecter
Flipper rejecter
Sampling rejecter
Reject table
Rect bin
Line efficiency monitoring FT: Filler monitoring
Identify efficiencies of individual filling heads filling valves
Capper monitoring
Identify efficiencies of individual capping heads
Capper for Crown Cork, Arol: High speed crown cork application
Champagne Plug and Crown
Metal Crown corks for beer and soft drinks
Metal Crown for Aluminium bottles
Capper for Plastic caps - pre threaded, Arol: High Speed pick and place
Flat caps
Sports Caps
Vitimin dispensing sports caps
Capper for Large dia and asymetrical caps, Arol: Capper with gripper heads
Capper with gripper chucks
Capper for drinks
Capper for Sauces and food products
Capper for home care products
Capper for personal care products
Capper for Push on caps, Arol: Capper for press on or push on caps
Capper for caps with inner seals
Capper for caps with spouts
Capper for caps with dispensing pumps
Capper for Aerosols
Capper for flat plastic caps
Capper with servo drive, Arol: Fully Servo driven capper
Full control over opening torque
Full control over closing torque
Full management of torque during closing process
Capper for ROPP caps, Arol: Roll on pilfer proof aluminium caps
Caps for wine
Caps for water
Caps for Oils
Capping heads, Arol: Synchronous Magnet Heads and Chucks
Hysteresis Magnet Heads and Chucks
Capping, Sorting and Handling: Vibratory Sorters for caps
Centrifugal Sorters for caps
Mechanical Pocket Sorters for caps
Waterfall cap Sorters
OVER cap Sorters
Hoppers for caps
Elevators for caps
Buffers for caps
Twist off Capper, Unimac Gherri: Capping system for food and sauce jars. Steam injected. Tamper evident Vacuum seal
Twist off metal cap sorter, Unimac Gherri: Sorter
Sorting hopper
Cap sorter
Magnetic elevator
Filler, Unimac Gherri: Filling machines for sauces preserves jams honey peanut butter juice.
Filler for viscous product
Glass container handling system, Unimac Gherri: De-palletiser
Glass contianer handling system
Glass container washing and rinsing system, Unimac Gherri: Washing rinsing and container handling system for glass containers
Glass container handling system, Unimac Gherri: Palletising system for glass containers
Filling equipment for cosmetics,Tirelli: Filling machines for cosmetics
Capping equipment for cosmetics,Tirelli: Capping machine for cosmetic containers
Labelling equipment for cosmetics,Tirelli: Labeller for cosmetic containers
Filling capping and labelling equipment ,Tirelli: Filling
Packaging equipment for cosmetics


FT Systems: Full range of inspection and control equipment for the food and beverage sector.

More than 400 machines made each year.
Arol capping machines: Full range of capping machines for food and beverage sector
Cappers for Home care
Cappers for personal care
Cappers for Oils and Checmical
Cappers for Dariy
Arol are the largest manufacturer of cappers worldwide with full support around the world.
Unimac Gherri: Capping machines for food sauces and juice in glass containers
Capping machines for twist off metal caps
Filling machines for sauces preserves jams honey peanut butter
Washing and rinsing machines for glass containers and jars
Unimac Gherri: De-palletiser for glass containers and jars
Palletiser for glass containers and jars
Tirelli Packing equipment for comsetics
Filler for cosmetics
Filling equipment for cosmetics
Labeller for cosmetics
Capper for cosmetics
Capping machine for cosmetics


Arol Group

Arol capping machines
Ft control and inspection system
Unimac Gherri Capping + filling machines for food + sauces

Tirelli Packaging equipment for cosmetics

Arol are the International market leader in capping machines. Support worldwide.

FT inspection systems offer a full range of quality control inspection systems for the food and beverage sector. Service personel resident in the UK.

Unimac capping machines filling machines, rinsing and washing systems for glass containers. De-palletiser and palletiser systems. De-nesting of product for retorts and cookers.

Tirelli Packaging lines and equipment for the cosmetics sector
Filling capping labelling

Arol group
More than 400 machines operating in the UK including CCE, Unilever, Carlsberg, Britvic, Princes, Nestle, Heinz, Muller, Premier foods, Highland Spring, Buxton Spring.