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Managing Director: Brian Bannister
Motor Specialist: Keith Gale


Stainless Steel Electric Motors and Gearboxes: Our stainless steel motors are hygienically designed, smooth bodied and IP66 protected making them ideal for all washdown and hygienic applications.
High performance Permanent Magnet Motors IE4: This product range offers around a 50% size and weight reduction when compared with the standard equivalent. For example, we can produce a 22kW High Performance motor in a frame size 132 at 65Kg. The equivalent standard motor weighs in at 129kg and is housed in a 180 frame. This range is also very efficient, making significant savings in running costs.
IP66 Inverters: We are now able to supply a suitable IP66 washdown inverter with built-in switches, display and separate control panel.


Marlin Stainless is a product range of Lafert Electric Motors Ltd. We offer a range of Stainless Steel AC induction motors suitable for washdown environments running alongside our more conventional painted motor ranges. Popular within the Food, Packaging and Pharmaceuticals Industries, the Marlin range saves money by reducing production downtime.

Using Marlin Stainless motors in your plant can dramatically extend motor lifetime; case studies have demonstrated that Marlin Stainless motors keep going when a standard motor will suffer water ingress and fail. A further benefit of Marlin Stainless motors is that they do not require covering during the clean down operation but can be washed down directly, thus saving time in the process and allowing extended production time.

If contamination is your concern, Marlin Stainless, with its smooth bodied finish and 304 Stainless construction means that soil traps are kept to a minimum and corrosion or flaking paint problems are eradicated. Marlin Stainless motors are available from stock in IEC dimensions so that direct replacements for your current standard motors can be with you when you need them. If it's efficiency, weight or size that is important then the permanent magnet high performance range will certainly impress. They are half the weight and size of conventional motors with much higher efficiencies and therefore lower running costs. These motors meet IE4 efficiency levels which are likely to be at least 2 levels higher than the ones currently being used.