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Lifting solutions for all environments Translyft Lifting Technology is one of the fastest growing suppliers in the lifting equipment sector, providing bespoke and standard lifting solutions for all commercial environments .

We offer 'Turbo lifts' for high-intensity and specialist workplaces to Hovmand Lifters with multiple accessories for busy packaging, processing and operating environments, plus full service and support for all solutions.
Translyft Turbo Lifts In response to growing demand Translyft has introduced 'Turbo' -premium specification lifts manufactured with high grade materials that are capable of withstanding the demands of heavy-duty environments, including high intensity integrated systems that are emerging as a result of the increasing use of robotics and automated warehouse pallet storage and retrieval.

Our standard Turbo lift mechanisms are capable of 10 lift cycles per hour for 16 hours versus our standard 8 lift cycles per hour for 8 hour shifts. However, our bespoke service can specify and supply these lift mechanisms to support continuous usage - with additional features such as continuous running motors and automated hydraulic control switching. Maintenance couldn't be easier either, with a single central automatic greasing point on every lift.

Wherever and whatever, these premium lifts are built for endurance and high performance.

Other industries might refer to them as 'Extreme Lifts'.

Manufactured in our factory in Denmark , the build quality, durability and guaranteed high performance of these premium lifts will become the benchmark in intensive, mechanised workplace environments.
Specialist lifts for food and pharma processing environments Flagship stainless steel scissor lifts - fully compliant with the requirements for food and pharmaceutical processing , as well as Hovmand Lifters with multiple accessories for use in busy packaging, processing and operating environments.

Translyft offers these solutions within its wider industry offer and works with customers to ensure total compliance with all aspects of Health and Safety Regs.

ATEX approved lifts for specialist environments We produce lifts for all kinds of specialist environments, and have full ATEX accreditation.

We have specified and installed bespoke ATEX projects in pharmaceutical facilities operated by GSK, on North Sea oil rigs to manage heli-pad loading, and in other highly sensitive manufacturing environments where combustible materials are used in the production process.

Translyft lifts are manufactured in AISI 3014 stainless steel, galvanised or finished with mild steel paint, and power packs can be mounted inside the safe zone areas.

In terms of the technical ATEX aspects we cover zone ratings as required, ATEX temperatures to T Class 1-6 and Gas groups A,B,C.

If you require a specialist solution in a specialist environment of any kind, get in touch. We've the experience, expertise and engineering know-how to create the best operational response to your requirement in the environment you use.


Translyft of Denmark Precision engineered and manufactured Scissor lift solutions for all commercial environments including systems integration solutions for food, pharmaceuticals, ATEX and highly intensive automated workplaces.


We specify, design, install, service and maintain lift solutions and also offer a comprehensive range of some 200 standard lifts from stock.

Companies such as Jaguar Land-Rover, BMW, Aldi, DHL, and venues like The Barbican London and Bridgewater Hall Manchester use TransLyft precision-engineered lifts every day.

We also provide a service for lifts used in specialist environments- such as where food is being prepared, hazardous materials are used ,or chemicals are stored or processed.

Hospitals, manufacturing and distribution companies choose us to supply them with lifts that integrate into their work flows and systems too, or enable them ensure their staff and operatives are working to the latest Health and Safety or DDA regulations and guidelines.

All lifts are manufactured in Denmark, and just as demand for our high quality lifts has grown, so has the factory - it's now covers an area as big as two football pitches, with a team of around 70 engineers working on site.

Our success has grown out of customers need for our knowledge and expertise, high quality equipment, guaranteed reliability, and comprehensive support.

Our top priority though is always Customer Service. And we really mean it. All our team 'walk the talk' - every customer is important to us, wherever and whatever their requirement.

We're ISO 9001 compliant, SafeContractor, ATEX and CDM Competent accredited, and able to service customers 24/7/365.