Sir William Siemens House
Princess Road
Greater Manchester
M20 2UR
T: +44 (0) 845 850 7600


Business Manager - Food & Beverage: Keith Thornhill
UK Sales Manager OEM Team: Marc Booth
Service Manager: Mike Aldridge
Sales Director: Jim Harris
Managing Director - Digital Factory: Brian Holliday
Managing Director - Process Industries and Drives: Mike Houghton
Finance Director: Robin Phillips


In theory, a digital factory costs millions.
In practice, it costs an hour of your time.

We offer a finance model for automation, robotics and digitisation projects.

We'll also help you define your goals and strategy. You can take a phased approach and remove some of the economic barriers that could sway your choices. We'll then take responsibility for implementing that strategy and ensuring it delivers results.

We also take on your upfront financial risks. You don't pay until you've seen the pre-agreed return on investment.

To start turning your digital vision into reality, all we need is a short meeting to discuss your current challenges.

In theory, you need to replace all your machines.
In practice, you need to listen to what they're saying.

We believe in taking a pragmatic approach towards innovation. Whether we're working on clients' factories or our own, we don't roll out new technology until we've proven the need for it.

When we run the necessary analytics, we can quickly learn where there are sticking points and then apply the most efficient way to optimise the process through seamless digital integration.

See our digital factory in action

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