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Managing Director: P F Oly
Sales Director: John Marchment


Sollas SE25: Semi-automatic overwrapping m/c for small batch work - high quality wrapping for limited investment. Output speeds of up to 25/min can be achieved.
Sollas SE40: This new entry level automatic overwrapper for speeds up to 40/min is a combination of proven Sollas technology in combination with the introduction of some new components from suppliers like Siemens. This makes it possible for Sollas to supply a competitively priced machine in the lower market segments with the packaging quality and machine reliability that you can expect from Sollas.
Sollas XE The new XE is the direct replacement for the very popular Sollas 20 which was in production for over 15 years. The XE is based on the modular build and popular SX series. The XE is designed for speeds up to 50/min and can be supplied with different collating devices and infeed configurations to offer multiple solutions for the packaging challenges of our customers.In comparison with the Sollas 20, the most important new features is the availability of a direct in line infeed and the individual product transport in the outfeed.
Sollas SX60/80: The latest versatile overwrapper, which incorporates many of the proven features from the well established Sollas range - excellent packaging quality. Product data menu for storing all product settings.
Sollas FSX: The first fully servo driven overwrapping machine on the market that combines unsurpassed flexibility with high outputs. Product changeovers completed in less than 10 mins. Tool-less changeovers optional.
HST/HSM: High speed over-wrapping of telephone cards and small cartons.
FSM 100/500: 100 min & 500 min specialised servo-controlled continuous motion 4-sided sealing machines using plain, printed films or coated papers. Mainly for telephone & smart card market.
Sollas STH: The STH can be placed behind every overwrapper. The STH is designed because more and more customers are looking for a skin tight packaging to improve the appearance of their products. In some industries, like tobacco, the use of a shrink tunnel behind an overwrapper is a very common way to create such skin tight packaging. The most heard complaint about a shrink tunnel is the energy consumption and the fact that the heat input is difficult to control. Moreover, the STH does not affect the film at the product side.

The STH is a perfect alternative for customers who require the skin tight look.The investment is low and it uses up to 15 times less energy than a conventional shrink tunnel and has a much smaller footprint.
Bandum 25/50MPC: Semi or fully automatic range of banding machines using polypropylene, kraft paper and ribbon banding material.
Sollas XL: Large format overwrapping machine. Particularly suited for collation/bundles of cartons. Economic use of material and resources. Very low power consumption. An alternative to 'Shrinkwrapping'. Can operate with PE, PP, PE coated paper and print registered materials.


Sollas Holland BV: Celebrates over 70 years as one of Europe's leading specialist manufacturers of over-wrapping and banding equipment.
Sollas has during that time supplied more than 11,000 machines to a world-wide audience. Constant improvement and development by a dedicated team of technical and commercial staff ensures a total commitment to quality and service.
Export sales are organised through daughter companies in the UK, Germany, France, USA, Canada, Singapore and by a world-wide network of agents.


Sollas Holland BV: Parent Company.


Sollas UK Limited founded in 1991, a daughter company of Sollas Holland BV, provides a comprehensive service and spares support for our ever increasing machine sales activity throughout the UK and Ireland.