Unit 3, The Glades
Festival Way
Stoke on Trent
T: +44 (0) 1782 286427
E: sales.uk@wittenstein.co.uk
W: www.wittenstein.co.uk


Managing Director: Mark Cooper
Marketing Manager: Katie Knapper
Sales Director: Thomas Minshall


Low backlash planetary gearheads: High Precision planetary gearheads consisting of ratios from 3 to 100
Servo right-angle gearbox: Highly precise and compact with ratios from 3 to 100
Servo Worm 1000 gearbox: These right angle worm gearboxes are basic & compact. Ratios range from 4 to 40
Couplings: Patented, backlash free, compact and torsionally rigid. Acceleration upto 10,000Nm
Torque limiters: Patented, backlash free, compact, torsionally rigid and self adjustable
Turn table gearheads: In-line planetary gearheads with output flange. Opitimal for highly precise and highly dynamic production cycles
Rack and Pinion: Precise rack and pinion systems an ideal fit for your application. The range includes a precision system, smart system and an economy system
Ball Screws: Precision and rolled ball screws complete with nuts
Rotary Servo Actuators: Compact and precise intergrated brushless AC servo actuators, with high dynamic performance
Linear Actuators: Integrated intelligent actuator system providing intelligent motion control with more flexibility, controllability and precision than a pneumatic actuator
Economy Gearheads: In-line planetary and industrial gearboxes at very low cost, for basic applications


Wittenstein SE: Ingersheim, Germany: The Wittenstein group is active in more than 40 countries, an international netwrok with unlimited communication and interaction.


Drives, Controls and positional accuracy are areas that require maximum precision. Wittenstein are setting benchmarks world wide in the field of mechanical engineering and drive technology. From low backlash planetary gearheads, servo right-angle gearheads and complete drive units to the comprehensive Cymex software and expert technical consultation, Wittenstein redefines the meaning of precision. Wittenstein was formerly named alpha gearheads Ltd which was renamed Wittenstein Ltd on July 1st 2008 to conform with parent company Wittenstein SE.