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Managing Director: Cristina Scapparino
Sales and Marketing Director: Davide Sighinolfi
UK Technical Sales: Trevor Benyon


Dosing Solutions for Pharmaceutical Applications: A wide range of tailor made ceramic volumetric pumps and needles for sterile filling of injectables, oral solutions, suspensions, hard and soft capsules for liquids. Specialist in CIP/SIP solutions.
Filling Solutions for Food Packaging: Highly customized ceramic dosing components such as plunger valves, rotary valves, volumetric dosing pumps, faucet valves, for standard, ultra-clean and aseptic filling machines.
Dosing Components for Cosmetic Applications: Filling nozzles, valves and high precision ceramic pumps for creams, perfumes, gels, lotions and semi solid products such as lipsticks and toothpastes.
Components in technical ceramic for homogenizers:


JGO Converting & Trading ApS, Denmark: T: +45 86 344 744 Contact: Norbert Schubert
Nsiri Ceramic (Dalian) Co., Ltd, China: T: + 86 411 39020581 Contact: Yunyan Li
NEOCERAM Office India, Kolkata: T: +81 78 304 50 31 Contact: Tarun Basu
IBP Inc., Kobe, Japan: T: +81 78 304 50 31 Contact: Takashi Ohtomo
Neoceram S.r.l., Italy: T: +39 340 897 8917 Contact: Francesca Testa
Germany, Austria, Switzerland: T: +32 64 67 14 79 Contact: Jutta Vogel
McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies, USA: T: +1 724 359 1100 Contact: Kim Rheingrover
South America: T: +39 340 897 8917 Contact: Francesca Testa
NEOCERAM Head Office, Belgium: T: +32 64 67 14 50
For all other inquiries please contact our head office in Belgium.
UK Technical Sales: T: +44 (0) 7523 283734 Contact: Trevor Benyon
France, Belgium: T: +32 64 67 14 73 Contact: Alexandre Morel
Romania: T. +40721370371 Contact: Catalin Iancu
Sylkat, Poland: T: +48 604904944 Contact: Lukasz Jaworski
JNP Materials Inc. / (), Korea: T: +82-10-2273-0160 Contact: Stan Cha /


Neoceram designs and manufactures precision filling/dosage solutions in technical ceramics for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries.

We have more than 20 years of experience in sterile applications and have been ISO 9001 qualified since 1998.

Our products are specifically designed to improve the dosing performance of new and existing machines while reducing maintenance cost and time.

We offer seal-free solutions that remain perfectly tight and accurate during their whole life span.

Our systems are designed in line with best GMPs for hygienic applications. All our materials are FDA approved and suitable for contact with food (including Kosher and Halal certifications).

We offer an innovative ceramic compound specifically designed for food applications: Thermazyl(R).
Thermazyl(R) is x-ray detectable, can withstand fast cooling (from sterilization to 0°C in few seconds) and can be used for dynamic CIP.

X-Change(R) solutions: The geometry of our components is so precise that the pistons belonging to pumps of the same batch are fully exchangeable, i.e. each one can be assembled with any of the cylinders . This prevents the risk of incorrect assembly and improves dosage precision.

We can offer pumps in stainless steel with different coatings for sterile applications and filling needles in stainless steel and PEEK.