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Managing Director: Kevin Witheford
Sales Director: Kevin Jones
Product Manager: Gary Tufnell
Technical Manager: John Lennon
Finance and HR Manager: Mark Parris


Tray Sealers: Comprehensive range of tray sealers from semi automatic, medium and high speed machines. Compatible with board, plastic, foil, pulp and bio materials. Applications include seal only, MAP, Tray Skin, product protrusion, flat board, inside cut and outside cut. Vacuum pumps, gas mixers and thermal transfer coding available.
Thermoformers: Comprehensive range of thermoformers from start up to high speed machines. Applications include seal only, MAP, vacuum packing and profile cutting. Vacuum pumps, gas mixers and coding available.
Multihead Weighing: Cabinplant is a world leading provider of tailor-made processing and weighing/handling solutions. Reduce labour and product give away.
Xray Inspection systems: Xray and vision inspection for all product inspection upstream on open product before sealing and sealed packs at end of line for quality control.
Xray checks all foreign bodies from fine fish bone to metal, glass plastic and ceramics. Vision and seal inspection, top and bottom of packs. OEE reporting. Traceability software.
Labelling Systems: A full range of label applicators are available for end of line applications. On line coding available.
Project Management: Complete line management including line layouts, Installation, training and system integration. Line control software packages available.
Service Support and Training: Training for operators, Supervisors and technicians on site or at Sealpac offices. 24 hours spares and spares packages available.
New Product Development: Development and delivery of new machine and application requirements with customers. Food technology resource available.


Sealpac GmbH: Tray sealers, Denesters, Pack Inspection, Thermoformers, filling equipment, lidders.
Cabinplant: Processing and weighing/handling solutions.
Sapphire Inspection Systems: Xray for product and packaging inspection systems.
ELS Labelling Systems: Labelling systems.
Miveg: High speed skewers, meat processing.


Sealpac UK is a key supplier of line solutions for the food industry. Solutions include a comprehensive range of highly flexible in-line automated tray sealers. All machines can operate with seal only, gas flushing, vacuum and gas, MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), Tray Skin packing and product protrusion.

Applications include skin on plastic, skin on card, shrink-style, tri-web, vacuum, stretch film, inside cut, outside cut. Tray sealers can be fully integrated with ancillary equipment to provide 'turnkey' solutions or supplied as a standalone unit. Sealpac UK also offer a range of Thermoformer machines for seal only, MAP, vacuum packing and profile cutting.

Weighing, filling and processing solutions are supplied by our partner Cabinplant who supply solutions to the fresh food sector.

Inspection systems include a world class Xray system which can be combined with vision to offer a complete quality control system to drive line efficiencies up and ensure brand protection.

Additional services offered by Sealpac UK include project management, new product development, after sales, service, spares, training and full demonstration facility.

Complete line solution machines include tray denesting, filling equipment, tray handling conveyors, tray sealers, lidders, Xray, pack inspection, quality control, labelling systems, skewer systems, line control software, shrink and chiller machines, meat dressing machines and thermoformers. Partners include Sealpac GmbH, Cabinplant, Sapphire Inspection Systems, Miveg, ELS Labelling, Busch UK vacuum pumps, Dansensor gas mixers and analysers.

Sectors serviced are fresh meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy, confectionery, snacks, ready meals, fresh, cooked, frozen, hot fill.

All machines are capable of handling all trays and top film materials including PP, APET, CPET, RPET, MAPET, foil, card board, flat board, EPS, expanded polystyrene, PLA.