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Managing Director: Ian Frais
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Capacitive Sensors: Rechner, as the world leader in Capacitive sensors, is renowned for its comprehensive range including many unique and patented series of sensors that take the technology to a higher level. Body diameters from M5 to 64mm diameter. Housing materials including PTFE and PEEK . Our High performance technology ensuring enhanced sensing distances, sensing of di-electric constants down to 1.1, incredible resistance to dirt build up on the sensor or window, medium optimisation allowing many products to be sensed with one setting, reduced clearances for non flush sensors and Quattro protection against static, electromagnetic radiation, interference voltage and transient bursts. High temperatures up to 250 degrees (800 with our extreme range). A range of supply and output options. The High performance 26 series with a semi-circular active area will allow for tremendous build up of media and is ideal in dirty or sticky environments. Or in fact anywhere where there is an issue due to false switching as a result of media deposition. The 26 series is an ideal lower cost replacement for vibrating forks or rods and avoids any mechanical movement. The 95 series is high performance, 20 - 250 volt AC or DC, built in relay and options for time delays. It is particularly resistant to noise and condensation. Ideal for grain and feed mill applications. Easy teach technology either by wire or using a single button, is available across much of the range. Our new Smart Paddle with G 1/2" thread is Paddle only by name! No moving parts and with di electric constants from 2 to 80 no adjustment is required.
Level probes: Using a technology patented for sensing devices, Rechner offer analogue and digital probes up to 2M length. The probes will only sense at the point where there is full contact with the vessel wall and this point will be extremely repeatable. The di-electric constant and the build up of material on the sensor will not affect the probe. Up to 4 independent switching points can be designed in to the digital versions. The new I level probe allows the customer to set the analogue measuring range and also two digital outputs. This probe uses Rechner's easy teach technology to program and is extremely competitive. For highly conductive media such as ketchup, the Level master allows point sensing with simple programming using the Rechner easy teach by button or wire.
ATEX: Certified sensors, both capacitive and inductive, and level probes are available to cover all zones up to 1D and 1G. In many cases there are versions up to 1D (Active area) and 2G that do not require a barrier. Rechner also provide a range of barriers for zones 1D and 1G.
Other products from Rechner include: magneto resistive sensors for high speed non contact gear wheel counting with directional feedback and calorimetric flow rate devices.
Inductive Sensors: Rugged IP69K+ All Stainless Steel options from M8 to M30 with X3 sensing range. Highest performance inductive sensors from 03 diameter to M30 in Flush and Non- Flush formats. Inductive sensors with standard, X2, X3 and even X4 the normal sensing distances. High Pressure 500bar sensors, High Temperature 230C devices and Weld Proof sensors plus a wide range of digital and analogue outputs.
Photoelectric and Fibre Optic Sensors: Tiny packaged photoelectric sensor, Collimated Beam formats, Colour sensors, contrast sensor, precision 500mm range Background Suppression, plus a wide range of photoelectric sensors and Fibre Optic amps. Competitively prices Fibres with some diffuse fibre tips down to 1.2mm diameter Digital and analogue outputs available.
RFID Systems: Rugged all stainless steel RFID read/write heads and tag system for very aggressive production applications and areas of high temperature. Plus High Frequency and high performance RFID tagging options for tracking and smart data management within processes.
Safetinex: Type 4 and Type 2 approved range of Safety Light Curtains for Finger (14mm resolution), Hand (30mm resolution) and Access Control application. Standard and Multi-Function Relays for a broad range of set-ups included muting facility. Mirrors, protective mounting columns, adjustment pads, screened cables and set-up lasers too.
Laser Sensors: 600mm Diffuse and 50m Through beam lasers. Unique iris focus feature on the diffuse products gives 0.1mm resolution.
Ultrasonic Sensors: Compact high performance Ultrasonic sensors in axial and right angle head versions for handling systems. The range includes digital and analogue outputs plus software configurable facilities.
Accessories: Quick Release IP67 leads, IP69K+ Cabled Connectors, Cable Distribution blocks, Mounting Brackets and Smart Sensor Testers.


RECHNER Rechner are recognised as the world leaders in Capacitive sensing technology with 50 years experience in this field and an unrivalled range of sensors and level probes based on this technology.

In recent years Rechner has focussed on the process industry with a range of housings, fittings and specifications to make us the ideal partner when looking at level control for any media. Hazardous areas, High Temperature and rigorous CIP are no issue for Rechner. With many recent successes in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and bulk handling industries product development will continue in this area. Rechner is a global company based in Germany with worldwide support for the products.

Contrinex make very small, high performance or very rugged inductive sensors plus a wide selection of standard sensors, as well as photo electrics, lasers, ultrasonics, safety barriers and RFID. This makes the Contrinex range a great solution provider for all sensing application as well as for tough and demanding set-ups where long term reliability is essential. The global presence of Contrinex makes them an ideal choice for sensors wherever your machinery is sold.