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Managing Director: Lee Whatmough
Sales Administration: Hannnah Martell


Skyfall: A hanging conveyor/sorter, using the benefits of gravity, fully flexible and can be installed at high level. Individual carriers transport products via a rail system.
EasyChain Conveyor Systems: This flexible system is suited for complex and multidimensional layouts. With its plug in modular connections, easychain(R) can be set up or modified in next to no time.
Deniway(R) conveyor system: The deniway(R) conveyor system is able to handle differences of height, tricky corners or bulky mixed goods with ease.
Deniway(R) Select: A conveyor system equipped with automatically triggered rollers, capable of holding, accumulating and accelerating product.
Denisort: A 3D capable sorter. Providing a combination of three uses in the one system; Conveying, Commissioning and Sorting.
Denimove(R): Denimove is a compact, ultra-flat modular conveyor. It is supported by rollers, resulting in lower friction and energy consumption.
Pallet Wrapping Machines: Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Systems.
Pallet Strapping Machines: Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Systems.
Pallet Stretch Hooding Machines: Fully Automatic Systems.
Tote/Product Strapping Machines: Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic.
Shrink Film Machines: Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Systems for applying film and shrinking it around products.
Flow Wrapping Machines: Packaging machines that over-wrap a film around a product in a low, medium or high throughput process in a cost effective way.
Guided Vehicles AGV: Dynamic and flexible approach to automated goods handling. Simpler than you can imagine and very reliable.
Consumables: Films and strapping material for machinery supplied.
Pallet Inverters/Exchange Systems: Pallet Inverters and Pallet Exchange Systems.


We have Representatives globally: Please contact the UK office for your local sales office.

Tel - 01279 635657
Email - info@wrh-global-uk.com


Pieri, Italy: Pallet wrapping and pallet handling systems.
Bocedi, Italy: Pallet stretch and shrink hooding, pallet strapping and pallet handling systems.
Kersten, Germany: System solutions to electrostatics.
Toppy, Italy: Pallet inverters and pallet exchange systems.
Kallfass, Germany: Product wrapping and shrink wrapping equipment.
ANT-System, Germany: Automated guided vehicles AGV.
Hugo Beck, Germany: Product wrapping and shrink wrapping equipment.
SMB, Germany: Product strapping equipment, stand alone or integrated.
Tuefelberger, Germany: Film and strapping manufacturer.


WRH Global UK is a subsidiary of Walter Reist Holdings, together with Denipro, Ferag and the WRH Group of companies. As your local UK and Eire partner, established in 1969, we are one of 22 subsidiary companies and based in Harlow, Essex.

Our Denipro portfolio provides optimum material/process flow systems, combining unique 'rolling friction' technology with process flow 'knowhow' - operating within food, logistics, graphic arts, packaging, pharmaceuticals and general material handling.

Greater efficiency, productivity and less energy are all pre-requisites of our customer approach. Combining production, manufacturing and logistics demands, with innovative technology allows our customers to meet their process needs in the most energy efficient and cost effective way possible.

Denipro has redefined the principles of conveyor technology. Since 2008 we have launched several new products to the market - all of them based on rolling not sliding. This reduces friction as well as wear and tear. Power consumption is cut and productivity rises. Less energy is needed for conveyance and transport and CO2 emissions are reduced.

Denipro's recently developed product families are - easychain(R), deniway(R), deniway select(R), denimove(R), denisort(R) and skyfall(R). The Deniway(R) plate chain conveyor is the result of continuous development and opens up undreamed-of possibilities in rolling conveyor technology.

Our UK structure offers a comprehensive package from material/process flow consultations, installation, service and spare parts.

Long term, fruitful established partnerships are alive and well today with our customers. Providing products and systems is only the first stage in a partnership. WRH Global UK provides in house continual support with specialist service engineers, product and spare part advisers.

Your Global, yet local partner who will satisfy your current and future business aspirations.