Prospect House, 1 Halifax Way
Pocklington Industrial Estate
East Riding of Yorks
YO42 1NR
T: +44 (0) 1759 304200


General Manager: Helen Morrison
Sales Manager: Leo Wild
Detectamet Group Chairman: Sean Smith
Global Vice President Sales & Marketing: James Farmer


Detectable Stationery: including pens, permanent and white board markers and highlighters. Three sizes of detectable calculators, timers and stopwatches. Detectable Rulers, clipboards, file pockets, swipe card holders and lanyards and safety chains. Detectable paper and a range of stapleless staplers, detectable paper clips and multiple page fasteners.
Detectable storage, mixing & handling equipment: including detectable scrapers, paddles mixers, spatulas and stirrers. Detectable scoops, jugs, shovels, brushes and squeegees. Detectable bin covers, stretch wrap and storage trays and lidded tubs. Detectable sampling equipment.
Detectable hygiene & protective workwear: including detectable mobcaps, hairnets, hair ties, hoods and beard nets. Detectable gloves, disposable aprons, sleeve and shoe covers. Detectable hygienic ear protection systems, detectable disposable ear plugs and dust masks. Disinfectant surface and probe wipes. A range of detectable and stainless steel containers for dispensing all these items.
Fully detectable safety knives & professional knives: offering a wide range of specialist and general purpose safety knives and professional knives incorporating detectable plastic handles. Plus tailor made shadow boards and security cages.
Detectable tags, labels, signs and ties: Includes a range of markable tags and labels for identifying and managing batches in production and machinery service and maintenance programs.
Detectable engineering materials: offers a range of detectable plastics in a variety of plastic types and cross sections that can be cut and shaped by equipment manufacturers needing special detectable parts on equipment used in the food industry.
Detection equipment test pieces: a range of test pieces of various sizes and materials suitable for calibrating and testing Metal and X-Ray inspection and rejection systems.
Tailor made products: Detectamet can satisfy special needs for products and equipment that will solve unique challenges in metal detectable plastics.
Stainless steel & aluminium products: a range of hygienic and resilient office and stationery, stainless steel storage, mixing and handling equipment and stainless steel dispensing equipment.
Engraving & Branding: a Laser System is available for engraving and marking Detectamet products with names, slogans or instructions.
Detectamet Product range: Applying over 25 years of experience Detectamet uses its own patented polymer to imbue its products with detectability when inspected by either metal detector or X-Ray systems.


Detectamet Inc Richmond, Virginia, USA: Richmond, Virginia, USA
Tel: +1 804-303-1983
Email sales@us.detecamet.ocm
Detectamet inc services the whole of North, South and Central America.
Detectamet Limited: Has a number of overseas representatives around the world. For contacts in your country please email:


Detectamet's range of products and services are second to none; it is passionately committed to innovation in the design and quality of its manufacture.

Taking a pioneering and proactive approach to changes and developments in industry, Detectamet builds and develops its markets and continuously explores new opportunities. Immense satisfaction is derived from being able to help customers produce and sell safer consumable products.

Applying over 25 years of experience Detectamet uses its own patented polymer to imbue its products with detectability when inspected by either metal detector or X-Ray systems. The company supplies customers that are based in over 100 countries and accepts orders on-line through its web shops. In 2015 it was awarded a Queens Award for Enterprise in Exports.

As a supplier of food safety products to the food processing industry Detectamet ensures that all its products satisfy international requirements for plastics in safe contact with food. The management methods employed are independently monitored and measured against international standards.

The ISO 9001.2008 certification indicates a high level of Quality Management, and Detectamet's Environmental management systems have achieved ISO 14001.2004 recognition. The company employs over 40 members of staff and their health and safety is managed to OHSAS.18001.2007 standards.