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Sales Director: Michele Carloni
Director: Giorgio Martini
Sales Assistant: Francesco Innocente


Filling machines: Filling and weighing machines that range from 100 gr. to 50 Kg, for granular and powder products. The machines can fill many styles of bags (Top Size, doy pack, hidden zip, top slider,mini pet pack, front zipper, easy open) of any material (PE, Kraft, Polywoven, plastic). The machines are suitable for many applications, they can be used in the food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry etc.
Palletizing machines, bundling machines, wrapping machines: Palletizing machine for bundles, bags and boxes for a speed up to 1200 bags/boxes per hour or more.
Bundling machines for bags from 0,2 Kg to 5 Kg.


Umbra Packaging, leader worldwide for the supply of bagging and palletising systems, sensible to the customer needs, persists in the R&D activity to propose top-level products in terms of efficiency and technology.
Thanks to the R&D Divisions' activities, dedicated to developing technologies for loose products, the Company can supply a line of products for any application ensuring the best performance available in the market. Umbra Packaging, in line with the evolution of the global market, manufactures machines that follow all the 4.0 INDUSTRY regulations.
The technologies are patented on the technological and design profiles. Essential characteristic is the total automation of the entire production process, which is managed by the same PLC. The Company supports all the customers with the internal service, available 24/7, and with the local one, efficiently organized thanks to collaborations developed all over the world, as well as through subsidiaries located in Brazil and the USA.