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Commercial Director: Samantha Ashton
Operations Director: Neil Ashton
Service Team Leader: James Bridge


Revolution (UK): The fastest, most energy efficient fully electric flexible single lane tray sealer available. Up to 200ppm single lane. XL version available.
Revolution Twin (UK): The fastest, most energy efficient fully electric flexible twin lane tray sealer available.
eclipse R (UK): The only fully electrical machine of its type in the food industry, combining ruggedness of build, high performance and versatility. Up to 30ppm.
eclipse 182 (UK): The most flexible fully electric tray sealing machine which combines the benefits of both pneumatic and electrical technology to produce a high performance versatile machine. Up to 40ppm.
SL2 (UK): The most cost effective and versatile machine in the PA range. Environmentally efficient and reliable the SL2 is the ultimate inline sealer. Up to 45ppm.
SL4 Motion (UK): A fully electric high speed motion controlled tray sealer which can increase speeds by 5 cycles per minute and increase output by 25%. Up to 125ppm.
eclipse SL4 (UK): The fully electrical SL4 is an automatic in-line, high speed tray sealer. Up to 75ppm.
PA217 (UK): A versatile hand operated machine ideal for new product development samples or full production requirements. Up to 12ppm.
eclipse 240 (UK): A fully electric linear conveyor platen machine with unlimited versatility. Available as a film fed machine or pre cut lid. Up to 200ppm.
Rotofill A versatile, high speed rotary filling and sealing machine with unlimited flexibility and performance designed to future proof investment with the latest and most innovative technology. Up to 150 containers per minute.
Fastfill FP-6 (UK): Compact rotary container filling and sealing machine combined with flexibility and performance. Up to 40ppm.
Fastfill FP-8 (UK): Versatile rotary servo filling and container sealing machine with unlimited flexibility and performance. Up to 60ppm.
Fastfill FP-16 (UK): Versatile multilane rotary servo filling and container sealing machine with unlimited flexibility and performance. Up to 100ppm.
Ancillary Equipment (UK): Continuous or intermittent feed conveyors, mobile or fixed denesters and volumetric fillers.
Starwheel (UK): Highly flexible rotary container sealing and closing machine with unlimited versatility and performance. Single wheel up to 50ppm. Double wheel up to 100ppm.
Technololgy added value options: Data Connect - Live data acquisition and production management
Diagnostics - Industrial remote access
RFID - Authorised fob recognition
MiWeigh: Positive and negative integrated weigh scale systems.


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For over 50 years our engineers have been working on solving problems for customers. Our range of tray sealing machines and pot filling and sealing machines has been proudly engineered in England and is reliable, versatile and cost effective.

We offer three generations of experience, youthful vitality and an endless search for innovative solutions. From the artisan to the multi-national, we have the answer. Our family of engineers will exceed your expectations through commitment, determination, tenacity and responsiveness. Service and spares support is available from our team of engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.