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London Road
SG18 8QB
T: +44 (0) 1767 316422
E: info@endoline-automation.com
W: www.endoline-automation.com


Managing Director: Mr Alan Yates
Sales Director: Mr Andrew Yates
Operations Director: Mr Richard Yates


Endoline Machinery: A wide range of end-of-line packaging equipment for erecting, loading and sealing cases, trays and crates.
Case Sealers (UK): Preset or random, semi- or fully-automatic case sealers for applying self-adhesive tape or hot melt glue.
Case Erectors (UK): High or low speed case erectors using tape or hot melt glue. High performance with dual opposing vacuum, compact footprint and clear access.
Case Packer (UK): High or low speed case loading systems.
Tray Erectors (UK): Corrugated tray erectors for many tray styles.
Robotic Pick & Place: High or low speed case loading systems.
Handpacking Stations (UK): Custom designed to improve packing efficiency in areas where full automation cannot be justified or is not practical.
Conveyors (UK): Powered roller, gravity, slat and belt conveyors. Turn key systems.


Murray Packaging: Scotland
Europack: Greece
WRH Global: Belgium
Metric Engineering: Australia & New Zealand
Agilepack: Finland
Elbak: Turkey
Al Thika: UAE
Arcon: Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia & Slovenia, Serbia & Montenegro
Arcon: Russia
Packline: France
Laeisz and Luders: Germany
Cretech: The Netherlands
Big Sky Engineering: USA
Moba: Eggs - The Netherlands
Fabcon: India
Packmatic: South Africa
BS Tech: Denmark
WRH Global Liberica: Spain and Portugal
WRH Global Italy: Italy
Buobpack: Switzerland


Endoline specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality end of line packaging machinery. For over 30 years Endoline's business has developed from designing and manufacturing small case taping machines to its position today as a leading UK manufacturer and worldwide supplier of end-of-line packaging machines and systems.

Endoline's range of machinery includes case erectors, case sealers, conveyor systems, case loaders and hand-packing stations. Endoline specialises in producing machines that deliver the lowest cost of ownership in a wide range of applications from simple semi-automatic machines through to fully automatic customised systems.

Endoline machines are designed to suit a vast range of industry sectors including snacks, biscuits, confectionery, ready meals, pharmaceutical, healthcare, order fulfilment, printing and consumer goods.

Endoline customers benefit from a wide range of support services and maintenance programs, all designed to ensure the maximum working life of the machine and reduce the total cost of ownership.