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Managing Director: Chris Boone
Sales Director: Helen Eite
Service Director: Stephen Boone
Senior Projects Engineer: Peter Youds
Sales Administrator: Jane Watson
Engineering: Matthew Hawley
Project Engineer: Sam Carroll
Works Manager: Philip Biggin


Rotary Drum Blender (UK): Low shear powders and granule mixer with spray coating. Produced for Continuous or Batch machine sizes range from 0.05 to 25 cubic metres. Boone Drum Mixer are versatile in mixing Tea, Coffee, Spices, Soap, Powders, Resins, Metallic Powder, Floor screeds, Carpet fibres, Grass seed, and Aluminium powders.
Delta Blade Mixer (UK): Innovative high shear powder and paste Delta Blade mixer can come with an optional extra jacketed, (heating or cooling) pressure, offering vacuum and high speed cutter facilities. Boone Delta Blade Mixer sizes range from 40 to 9,000 litres machines. The Delta blade mixer is suitable for mixing catering food, dry mortar, talcum powder, brown sugar, coloured powders, sewage sludge, dyes, additional liquid system and many more
Helical Blade Mixer (UK): Versatile powder, paste and sauce mixing with an option of a jacket fitted for heating, cooling, pressure or vacuum facilities. Boone Helical Blade mixer can be a Continuous or Batch mixing application, sizes from 50 to 10,000 litres. The Helical blade mixer is efficient in mixing dry and damp powders, pastes, slurries and liquids also food paste products for cake mixes.
Paddle Blade Mixer (UK): When you want a Mixer that is slightly different you look at the Boone Paddle Mixer with its capacity to mix variable shear powder, pastes and liquids with optional extras such as the jacket for heating, cooling, pressure or vacuum facilities. Boone Paddle Mixer is available in sizes from 50 to 10,000 litres and is suitable for mixing ceramic powders, vesting materials, cereals, catering recipes, dry concrete, pre-mix powder and oil mix, wall paper paste and industrial waste processing.
Universal Lab Mixer (UK): Bench top to pilot scale Boone lab mixers are available as standard size from 2 to 50 litres, this little mixing machine demonstrate the performance of Boone full-scale mixing equipment on smaller scale which enables us to accurately scale-up. Some typical applications are;- Grout, Refining recipes, Dry cell battery powders, cereals, catering recipes, food additives, wallpaper paste, floor screed, dry concrete premix, adhesives, washing powder and spices.
Twin Screw/Paddle Mixer (UK): Continuous powder & paste mixer (confectionery) with heating or cooling facilities. Designed to specification, pressure or vacuum.
Double Cone Mixers (UK): Low shear mixer for vacuum drying and spray coating.
Screw Conveyors, Mixers, Bin Dischargers (UK): Conveying powders and granules. Designed to specification heating or cooling, pressure or vacuum conditioners. Capacities 0.005 - 1400 cubic metres per hour.
Screw Elevators (UK): Elevating powders and granules. Modular Design large span 6m+ Capacities 0.005 - 1400 cubic metres per hour.
Screw Feeders (UK): Volumetric screw feeder for powders and granules, modular design, easy cleaning, large span, accurate metering - 0.005 - 1400 metres per hour.


JR Boone Ltd has Worlwide Agents: Please contact the UK office on the export sales side.


JR Boone Ltd is the UK's largest Industrial mixer and blender manufacturer Worldwide. Leading the field of mixing and blending mixing machine technology, our success is due to the un-president knowledge, expertise and technology, which are passed on to our customers on their production line.

We have dedicated test engineers who Research and Develop our mixing equipment on an on going basis and work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand their industry needs and deliver innovative solutions for their applications.
Our industrial mixers are available in batch sizes from 2L to 25,000L and continuous up to 250 TPH, being used to mix a variety of materials from Food, Chemicals and pastes and others.

Your choice of mixer or blender will depend on many factors but key elements in the selection will be the mixer type best suited to the ingredients being mixed, the cycle time, capacity that you require, and the amount of work that you can put into the mixture. J R Boone machines also provide you with a wealth of options in terms of feed / discharge equipment, drive configuration, variable speed and control systems. We can discuss all the elements required in detail with you as we discuss the application, but mixer choice is key.
JR Boone provides a wide range of supporting services to protect your investment in our technology, from mixer or blender hire for development work to refurbishment, maintenance agreements, spares and repairs. These are designed to ensure top mixing performance can be maintained and any down time minimised.

Our In-house Test Facility on our Industrial Mixers / Blenders are available for single product tests. For extended tests and pilot runs on new products all of our mixers are available for site hire and supplied with a test engineer to set up the mixer and assist with the first days test.

To complement this facility we have just opened our New Training Centre.

As we enter 2018 we are celebrating 60 Years of Trading as a UK Family run business.