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Managing Director: Mr S McCallion


Multihead Weighers - Omega, Sigma and Alpha Advance: Full range of multihead weighers capable of interfacing with all types of packaging machines. Highly accurate and capable of handling a wide variety of products.
Semi-Automatic Weigher SDW324WHZ: Semi-Automatic Weigher.
For gentle handling of products such as meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.
Checkweighers: Full range of checkweigher solutions.
I Series, new J Series & E Series.
High speed accurate weighing, available with full supermarket compliance.
Semi Automatic TSDW-205W: Semi Automatic Weigher.
For gentle handling of products such as meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.


Confood, Sweden: T:0046 42 160224
Skala Foodtech, Norway: T:0047 692 793 00
Foilpack Oy, Finland: T: 00358 98190350
New Smadar, Israel: T:0097 2894 77634


Yamato Scale, Japan: Multihead, checkweigher, semi automatic and static weighing solutions.


Yamato design and specify complete packaging solutions to complement its world class automated Multihead weighers, Semi-automatic weighers (primarily for the meat and poultry industry) Table Top Weighers and Checkweigher equipment with optional OEE data collection systems.

Yamato's highly successful Multihead weigher range has been expanded to include the revolutionary new Omega Multihead weigher offering unrivalled speeds and accuracy. All achieved with significant reductions in energy consumption, easy to use touch screen interfaces and personal finger print recognition for each operator. Omega also has a camera for product identification programming and is IP67 rated as standard.

The new Alpha Advance & Epsilon series of Multiheads continues to provide an entry level solution and bridges the gap between linear weighers and the new Omega and existing Sigma Multiheads.

Yamato complement their systems with a full range of Checkweigher solutions to suit each factory's requirement, from the I Series Model which is supermarket specification compliant in standard format or integrated with metal detection, to the new J Series.

The entire range is capable of high speed, highly accurate repeatable performance allowing customers to reduce costs and improve ROI. Yamatostats line monitor software brings the Multihead weighers and Checkweigher data together; it is a powerful tool which records real time production information, due diligence records and legislative data as well as providing technical managers the tools with which to reduce costs.