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Managing Director: H Rothman
Director: D Rothman
Sales Director: M Smith
Engineering/Manufacturing Manager: A Pepper


Batch Mixers (UK): High shear immersion mixers for blending, emulsifying, homogenising, disintegrating and dissolving. Capacity 10-30,000 litres.
In-Line Mixers (UK): For continuous processing and/or batch recycling of products. Multistage and ultra-hygienic models available, plus a new range of mixers for high viscosity applications.
Flashmix Powder/Liquid Mixers (UK): For high speed entraining and instant dispersion of powders into liquids. Suitable for higher viscosity mixes and operation at higher temperatures.
D2500 Disintegrator Dissolver (UK): A complete system for high speed disintegration and solubilsation of large solids into liquids.
Laboratory Mixers (UK): For all laboratory mixing duties, capacities from 1 ml up to 12 litres. Specialist units available.
Ultramix (UK): Hygienic Closed-Rotor mixer for powder incorporation, mixing in IBCs and other challenging duties.
HV In-Line Mixers (UK): In-Line mixer for high viscosity products such as gels creams and slurries.


Silverson Inc.: East Longmeadow, USA. +1 (413) 525 4825
Silverson Nippon Limited: Osaka, Japan +81(0) 72 734 8003
Silverson France: Evry-Cedex, France. +33 (0) 160 77 91 92
Keyser & Mackay: Brussels, Belgium. +32 2 735 4072
Silverson Machines: Staufen, Germany. +49 171 38 56 588
CRAMI: Milan, Italy. 00 390 2 546 1412
A De Jong TH BV: Papendrecht, the Netherlands. 00 31 78 655 2010
PQ Bonderalia Montoil SA: Barcelona, Spain. 00 34 93 237 4841
We have Representatives globally: Please contact the UK office for your local sales office.


Silverson manufactures a range of high shear mixers for batch and
in-line operation, from laboratory scale units to complete disintegrator systems for up to 100,000 litres, as well as a range of powder/liquid mixing systems. Silverson offers Ultra Hygienic mixers for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries certified by 3-A and EHEDG and can supply units with documentation packages for FDA and other requirements.
The company also produces a range of high volume general duty mixers for the Chemical and Petrochemical industries, as well as many specialist models, including custom built mixers to meet individual client requirements.

A fully equipped test facility is available to all clients, and mixers can be provided for on-site trials.